"I don’t want to buy from a Multi level Marketing Company. I've heard that they're a scam."

Ever heard that before?! Turns out a scam is “a dishonest scheme or fraud”. There is nothing fraudulent about a MLM. Everything about the business structure is forthcoming and honest. When you take a look at their compensation plan, you can see where each of your dollars go. 

When people purchase anything from any MLM, what they are doing is not only supporting the company that made a product, but they’re also supporting their friends.

They’re buying local. 
They're helping pay for a little girl’s ballet classes, and supper for a family.
They’re investing in that little boy’s college fund and school supplies for him.
They’re supporting families that they know and so many that they don’t!

An MLM uses the costs that a company would normally use for marketing and gives it to families so they can build their own dreams and create a business for themselves. It is so far beyond paying big bucks to top level execs, but gives everyone an opportunity to create an income for themselves! Buying from a friend instead of another random company is the biggest investment into them to say, “I believe in you”.

As you build your business through sharing the gift of wellness, purpose and abundance, you are not trading your hours for dollars like the traditional work force. Instead you are INVESTING those hours and they will continue to pay you even if you have to step away for a season.  Your paychecks will keep coming and you can truly live a life of freedom and purpose with those you love!

PLUS! Did you know that the income you create from your Young Living business can be willed to your children?! Talk about creating financial freedom for yourself and then passing that onto your children someday as a legacy for them to enjoy for many years to come. 


When you become a distributor and have people who are wanting to sign up under you, they will also become a member and when they go to sign up, they will enter YOUR member number into the sponsor and enroller spaces. They then have their own account, and can purchase freely at 24% off -- you do not ever have to ship anything directly. All purchases are done from Young Living's website! You are getting paid by Young Living directly, not by your friends and family. 




Our culture has groomed us to believe that the 9-5 office life is the only option for our future. What is the trajectory of your life could be completely changed?! 

What if you had the freedom to pay off those pesky student loans before you turn 65?!

What if you had the freedom to live where you want, travel when you want, give how you want?!

What if you had the freedom to spend the majority of your waking hours with the people you love the most instead of squeezing in those few pressure minutes after a stressful day at work?!

What if all those quiet little dreams you had as a child for your future could really truly be a reality in your today?!

How hard work you work?! What would you be willing to trade for a short time in order to live out the rest of your life with freedom, freedom, FREEDOM?! 

We have families in the Village that are doing just this. Parents that are coming home to be with their children, people beginning to make those extra payments on their student loans, kids being sent to private schools, and we're JUST GETTING STARTED!  If you have even the tiniest tug on your heart, reach out to us! We want to show you how you can join us + begin the story of freedom in your life too!