Young Living has 20+ years of experience and is the world leader and pioneer in essential oil research and distillation process.

Young Living oils are beyond organic.  Why?  Check out their seed to seal process here.

Each batch of oils is rigorously tested in house for therapeutic viability.  Check out their testing process here.

Young Living owns their own farms across the globe.  Read about their farms here

You can actually visit the farms and participate in the harvest/distillation process.  Watch the Idaho Balsalm Fir harvest here.

Young Living is the only company to submit their oils to AIRASE for purity testing.  Read more about AIRASE here.
With over 120 singles and blends, Young Living has a great selection of oils available.


We actually “use” essential oils in our everyday lives.  They are used to flavor foods and can be found in things like toothpaste and mouthwash.  Oils are also in perfumes, skin care products, candles, and laundry detergents.  They are many places that you wouldn’t guess but not all oils are created equally.  These oils found in foods, cosmetics, and scented products are typically synthetic.  Synthetic oils are typically made from petrochemicals in a lab and are created to try and duplicate the smell and properties of a plant.  When you are ingesting or applying something that is synthetic, your body processes it as a toxin, therefore it becomes harder to break down or can be stored in fat cells.  These types of synthetic oils work against your body and can be very harmful.

Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade which means they are 100% pure and derived straight from the plant.  They contain the plant's own immunity, hormones, and scents.  When oils are pure, they have the ability to work with your body, not against it, to bring about change in your health.  Within 20 minutes of applying oils, they can be found in every cell of your body.  

So you might be wondering how they extract these oils.  To put it simply, oils are distilled from the “life blood” of plants.  With most oils, the plant is harvested, then ground in order to be distilled over low heat and long periods of time.  After the oil has separated from the water, it is then bottled, tested for purity and shipped straight to your door!  




Young Living's unique seed to seal process includes five painstaking steps and they are proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.

WATCH THE OTHER FOUR SEED TO SEAL VIDEOS HERE // http://seedtoseal.com/en/process